NC Computer Mama

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness

For anyone who knows Ryan and I, you know we don't watch sports. It has become a joke to our small group every year during the Super Bowl party. I have one exception to this...NCAA March Madness. I don't watch college basketball prior to the tournament but come tournament time, I jump on the bandwagon every year. I love it.

I grew up in Connecticut and my obsession with March Madness began with this...

This is the buzzer beater by Tate George of UCONN. Start watching at 2:00.

Since that year, I have done a bracket every year. When we lived in NY, I entered the office pool and won 3 of 4 years. Woot! I haven't done that well here, but I still love it.

This year I decided to not enter to win but to enter my dream bracket. Of course I have UCONN winning it. I also have all 4 of the final four teams coming from the Big East. That is almost sacrilegious here in ACC land. But I don't care.