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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm Losing It

I have been back at work for 3 days now and I think my brain is taking too long to defreeze

The first day, Ainsley was at my house with Deb. Since then, she has been at Anne's house. Everyone must know that my sense of direction is horrible. I once took over an hour to drive to the next town over with my sister Jill while trying to drive to my other sister's college in NY. I bring this up because I have been having some trouble getting to Anne's house to pick up Ainsley. Ryan is dropping her off in the morning and I know how to get there from my house. Getting there from work is causing quite the problem. Yesterday I drove downtown trying to get there. Not quite the direction I was supposed to go in. I told this to Anne and she said I should take the new loop. Having never been on it before, I asked for directions. She said to take the first exit so I did without reading the sign. I headed East when I should have headed West. I was 10 minutes out of the way before there was a place to turn around

Along with these direction problems, I am forgetting stuff. The first day I made a sandwich to eat on my way home (I know I was trying to be thoughtful). I left it in the fridge at work. It was ok though, I ate it the second day on my way home. Today I left work without my cell phone and without my breast pump (including what I pumped today). Thanks to my friend Lori, the milk is in the fridge and my phone has been turned to vibrate.

Tomorrow I hope to make it to Anne's house without getting lost. I also hope to bring home everything I should. I doubt it will happen though. My brain still is defrosting.