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Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Era Begins

My friends Jason and Leah recently became parents. Their baby, Logan, and Ainsley are exactly 4 months apart. Leah is going to start a new job on Monday. By luck, her schedule is opposite of mine. We are going to try our hands at nanny swapping. Leah is going to watch Ainsley on Wednesday and Thursday all day and I am going to watch Logan for a few brief hours everday starting at 3:00.

There are a few things that I am feeling about this new change.

Anne and Buddy will no longer be watching Ainsley on Wednesday and Thursday. MaryBeth will continue to watch her on Monday and Tuesday. While this is a good thing and it will save us a TON of money, I am going to miss Grandma Anne and Granddaddy Buddy's regular influence in Ainsley and my lives. They have been a great help to us as we have started parenthood. Anne has encouraged me and loved me where I need to be loved. More importantly, they have loved Ainsley. Ainsley also loves them. She lights up when she sees them, especially if Granddaddy Buddy whistles at her. I am going to continue going to their house once a month on Fridays to make sure we keep up the relationship. This is truly the sad part of this change.

As for the happy parts of the change, there are many. First, I get to further my relationship with Leah. I love Leah and don't know her well enough. Secondly, I will get to know Logan. He is precious and I am looking forward to his presence in our lives. I think that he and Ainsley will make great friends as they grow.

With every change in life, there is apprehension and joy and sadness, among other things. I can only look forward with great expectations on this new venture.

Ainsley checking out her new companion

Ainsley telling us what she thinks about her new companion. Leah and I are in for a treat.