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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

With a Cluck Cluck Here

Old Mr. Krumroy had a farm E-I-E-I-O. Ok, he's not old but we definitely have a farm now. I knew Ryan loved animals when I married him, I just didn't know we would have an Urban farm some day. Check Spelling

If you follow me on Facebook, you have seen me refer to the chickens. I now feel the need to elaborate. I was going to earlier but we got them the day of Taylor's surgery and I felt it was quite inappropriate to do so then. (By the way, pray for him as he is back in the hospital with major digestive tract issues.)

Ryan started talking about getting chickens months ago. At first it was a joke and then he started really looking into it. He was quickly sold on the idea because he is Dr. Doolittle. I took a bit of convincing. He had a friend from high school even trying to convince me via Facebook. Finally I told him that we could get them but I would be uninvolved.

He had a custom coup made for the chickens. It's actually pretty fancy and not really an eye-sore at all. Here's a picture. Notice the cute ladder that they use to get to the top where they have their beds and lay their eggs (which they haven't figured out yet). It's ok because they are only about 9 weeks old and they won't start laying eggs until 24 weeks. And in case you are wondering, because everyone does, you don't need a rooster to get eggs. It works just like us, I don't need a man to ovulate.

The big day arrived and our friend Travis picked them up for us. They were delivered in a box on our front porch. I have to say, I wasn't super excited but then I saw them. They are adorable. Here's a picture of 2 in the coup next to their watering can.

Here are all three together. They all have good southern double names. I thought it would be fun. We have Bonnie Ray (the gold one), Peggy Sue, and Sally Jo. Peggy Sue and Sally Jo were referred to as the twins when the first arrived. Can you see why?

So we have had our chickens for over a week, and I am attached. It was a few days ago that we started to notice a big bump on Sally Jo's head. Over the past few days, it has gotten worse. Ryan called the farmer that we got her from and he asked us to bring her over to take a look. Apparently, she had some sort of a peck mark or a scratch that got infected and caused an abscess. He wanted to take her back to care for her and help her get better. In turn, he is going to give us a new chicken. I can't believe how sad I am to have to say goodbye to Sally Jo. I know she will be happy on the farm, but we will miss her. Her chicken sisters will miss her too. Here is our close up to remember her by. On the up side, a new chicken, Sadie May, will be joining us on Thursday.

Are we nuts?