NC Computer Mama

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh How I Love TV

I have to admit, I am a complete TV junkie. I love all kinds of TV from comedies, to dramas, to reality shows, to daytime talk shows. I have tried very hard during my maternity leave to not spend every moment in front of the TV. It has indeed been a challenge. I have found reruns of some of my old favorites and have even found old sitcoms that I never watched before.

Being that I am the TV junkie, fall is one of my favorite times of year. I love the new TV season. After a summer of Big Brother (a guilty pleasure), I am always ready for new scripted television. Unfortunately, I don't see many new shows that I have to catch.

My TIVO and VCR (yes I have to use both because of scheduling conflicts) will be busy this season. I refuse to watch anything live so I can watch more tv in less time. So here is what I am watching this year.

Monday - Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, America's Toughest Jobs (a new reality show that has me hooked. Don't judge me)

Tuesday - Biggest Loser - Families

Wednesday - Private Practice

Thursday - Survivor: Gabon, Grey's Anatomy, The Office

Saturday - Knight Rider (I'm going to give it a try for Ryan)

What am I missing? What are your favorites?