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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Community of Women

When I was young I always used to say that I enjoyed hanging out with guys more than girls. During college, I had very few good women friends. I hung out in Ryan's dorm room with all of his guy friends all the time. It got to the point where there was no difference between me and them in his mind or mine. I have to admit I was there the night they were all lighting farts and no one thought anything of the female presence in the room, but that's a story for another time.

When I lived in Winston right after we got married, Ryan and I became part of a community of young married couples in our church. There were a lot of us and it was one of the best times of our lives. It was during this time that I learned the importance of women in your life and embracing your femininity.

I am still not super "girly" but I do enjoy the women in my life so much more now. I consider it pure joy to hang out with them. I go to them when I need advice. They are so important to me.

Some of the greatest women in my life right now are:

My Mom - She knows me better than anyone except maybe Ryan. She loves me for who I am and in all my faults. She is a great spiritual mentor and a great friend. I wish we still lived close by but I do enjoy my almost daily phone calls.

My Mother in Law - My mother in law is a great cheerleader. I feel most loved by words of affirmation and she knows this about me. She is always there with a word of encouragement. I really do enjoy living 2 miles away from her.

Anne - She is so great in letting me speak my mind. I don't ever have to worry about offending her and she let's me be who I am and say what I think. Anne has been a great joy in my transition to parenting.

Lindsay - She is one of those women from the group of young people in Winston. She has taught me so much about caring for women. We drifted when we were in NY but I am happy to say that she is one of the more important women in my life again.

Jessica - She is one of the newest members of this list. She and I have such a fun relationship. We enjoy just spending time with each other both on IM and in person. She stirs me on in my competitive nature.

Lori - She started as just a work friend but is now one of those important women in my life. She lets me talk about me - HA! She is a great listener and really cares for me and my family. She is always interested in the happenings of my life and never bores of hearing about my child. What more could you ask for?

Kate - Even though Kate lives in NYC and we talk rarely, this list would not be complete without her. She is my oldest friend and someone who knows me best outside of my family. When I have real issues in my life, she is on the top of the list of people to call. She and I have a very easy friendship because we don't have to talk all the time. When we do it's wonderful and feels like no time has passed.

So as I go about my weekend, I am ready to enjoy my women. This weekend will be full of them. I am meeting Lori for lunch today. There is a Women's Tea at church on Saturday and I am having some women friends over to hang out on Saturday night. What could be better than that?