NC Computer Mama

Thursday, February 19, 2009

D-Day Approaches

I am a computer programmer by trade. I work part time for a local insurance company. I have already written a part of the software that our company uses to underwrite business. I am in the process of writing another portion of this software that will handle a second aspect of our business.

This project is a year in the making. I started on it before I went out on maternity leave. We are going live on March 1st (actually the 2nd since the 1st is a Sunday). My boss has actually stated that we are not going to miss the deadline no matter what.

I can't help but be nervous. As with anything you do, you want it to be your best. It is scriptural to do your best in everything. As we near the deadline I can only wonder if my best is going to be good enough. I know that I can fix anything that comes up, but I really worry that everyone's first impressions of the system will set the tone going forward.

So I am frantically going about fixing last minute details. I am thinking of things in the middle of the night. I am logging on to work during my afternoons to check on little things.

I'm off to program some more! My best is on the line.